Single Point Dressers

The single point diamond is still quite often used today for various grinding procedures. Since there is no standard and their evaluation is subjective there is a certain fascination tied to diamond quality. You can trust our diamonds even when they are mounted.

Application recommendation:

  • Clamp dressing tool as short as possible to avoid vibrations
  • Tilt angle of the dresser should be radial 10° to 15°
  • Infeed up to maximum 0.03 mm (30µm)
  • Feed up to 0.2 mm
  • Good cooling, must begin with dressing procedure – danger or cracking
  • After creating a surface, axially rotate the diamond 90°
  • Timely remounting increases efficiency

Disposable dressing diamonds are maintenance free and can be used to dress discs with fine grains and median disc diameters. We use good quality and forms.

STROH Single point dressing diamond

  • 0.10 to 2.5 Carat
  • 4 qualities: TOP, EXTRA, STANDARD, SPECIAL
  • Natural point or partially ground
  • Octahedron or dodecahedron 
  • Regrinding service
  • Fastest delivery times

Selecting the diamond is determined by the dimensions of the grinding wheel (diameter and width), the degree of hardness and grain size as well as the individual dressing conditions.

Single point dressers with small synthetic rods

To eliminate natural variations in quality, the trend here too is towards synthetic diamond rods. The properties of the material diamond are always the same in this case.

Plus there is the benefit of the lifelong consistent dressing conditions. Because of the constant cross-section surface there is no longer the need to adjust the dressing parameter.

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