Hand Lapper

Hand lappers for the care and after treatment of hard metal cutters. The highly concentrated diamond coating is characterized by its good grip, high form stability and durability. By using diamond hand lappers the tool life of the carbide cutters is increased.

STROH-diamond hand lappers are available in synthetic resin as well as metal bonds.

They are used to sharpen tools or knives, as well as for deburring sharp edged work pieces e.g. made of glass, ceramics, carbide or HSS steel.

Carbide turning tools can be very economically sharpened with STROH hand lappers.

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Emilie Kämpf
Tel: 06181 9740 – 46
Mail: emilie.kaempf@stroh-diamant.de

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Ines Schubert
Tel: 06181 9740 – 28
Mail: ines.schubert@stroh-diamant.de