Diamond / CBN Grinding Wheels

Our diamond and CBN grinding tools are manufactured in diverse FEPA forms and also as custom-made products.

We offer synthetic resin, metal or galvanic bonds.

  • Synthetic resin bond:
    STROH-Diamond and CBN grinding wheels in synthetic resin bond are cool grinding, therefore workpiece conserving, and demonstrate a high stock removal rate.
  • Metal bond:
    Aufgrund Because of their high bond strength and also the break resistant grains used the STROH diamond and CBN grinding wheels are predominantly used for profile grinding and processing glass and ceramic materials.
  • Galvanic bond:
    The grains extend farther beyond the bond and achieve greater grinding. Profile tools can be manufactured on short notice. A new coating of used tools is ossible.

Depending on application following variable parameters must be considered, for selecting the proper grinding wheel:

  • Grinding wheel type
  • Grain type: diamond or CBN
  • Grain size and grain concentration
  • Bonding
  • Bonding hardness

Application areas for diamond grinding wheels and CBN grinding wheels:

Diamond grinding wheels:

  • Carbide / Steel alloys
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Graphite
  • PKD and CBN tools

CBN grinding wheels:

  • HSS steel
  • High alloyed as well as treated steels
  • Tool steels starting at 55 HRC
  • Grey cast iron

Make use of our long-term experience, our staff will offer you a solution oriented consulting service for selecting the proper type of grinding wheel!

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